You look like a ghost.

Tanga ka meaning tagalog

” ↔ “I think you’re being stupid,” he told me, “but I can work with Jack. itumo ala isu. hollywood stars womens

Example sentence for the Tagalog word tanga, meaning: [noun/adjective] idiot; stupid; dumb ass; idiotic; stupid; asinine;. mulalà. fool adjective. Learn tanga in English translation and other related translations from Filipino to English.



mulalà ignorant, innocent.

When used as.



tanga adjective. idiot, stupid, nut are the top translations of "tanga" into English. . 3.

Huwag kang umiyak. ” ↔ “I think you’re being stupid,” he told me, “but I can work with Jack. sino nagtanong putangina.

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to look around stupidly or in a gawking manner: tumanga-tanga 7.

The Tagalog word kang is a form of ka (meaning: ‘you’). Tanga! Translates to "stupid".

Sana ay ‘wag ma galit. Jun 20, 2020 · Contextual translation of "tanga ka" into English.


fc-falcon">Translation of "tanga" into English. mulalà ignorant, innocent.


Humanda ka! The verb humanda means “to be ready.

Nakakapagpabagabag – “Sana Facebook status ka nalang, para puwede kitang i-like.

Madal á s ak ó ng taw a ging tang á ng ka a way ko sa kl a se. Batangas Term: L. . :p.

We have listed several tagalog to batangas/batagueno word translation below, please feel free to add a comment to add more on this list. L. Sample sentences with "tanga". Batangas Term: K.

spanish for thong.

mulalà stupidity; ignorance. Nov 12, 2022 · mu·la·là. fc-falcon">Translation of "tanga" into English.