M240b airsoft

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M240 / M249 / MK43 etc. click. The M249 is a gas operated air cooled belt fed light machine gun chambered in 5. .


Lancer Tactical M240B Airsoft.


56x45mm NATO and is the primary light machine gun of the United States Armed Forces.


M60 / M240; M700 / M24 / M40 / VSR10; Machine Gun / SAW (Other). . . com Redwolf Airsoft - Echo-1 M240B Licensed by Ohio Ordnance (HD).

Machined steel receiver. By Hanback, May 28, 2019 in Want to Buy. Daytona Gun HPA M240 final test.

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To be honest, unless you're dead set on getting a 240 for a specific loadout, the 249 or a mk46 are far superior in the airsoft world.

Capacity: 4000rds. It was first used as a coaxial machine gun in tanks but slowly made its way to other mounted uses by the late 1980's, the updated model referred to as the M240C.

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20g BBs.

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M240B SAW AEG replica by Matrix.

Item Description. AEG, AEP, sniper, shotguns, upgrade parts etc. M240 Meduim Machine Gun (MMG) is the US Army designation for the Belgium made MAG (Mitrailleuse d_Appui Général in French, means ”General Purpose Machine Gun” in English) which is a belt-fed, gas-operated machine gun firing the 7. .

ScaarAT. Lancer Tactical Full Metal M240 Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Machine Gun with Box Magazine (Color: Black) SKU: LT-240 $520. The autowinding box is controlled by the FCU and the airline from the HPA tank to the gearbox can be winded. .

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Fully working, box mag included, mag holds up to 3000. youtube. .